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About Us

We bring together educational visionaries, families, and students actively engaged in non-traditional education to collaborate and share ideas, resources, and knowledge so we can draw in exceptional opportunities and collectively create innovative learning experiences that learners join, design, and pursue together.

Why You Should Join Us

You are here because you believe there is a better way for our young learners than the industrial education model of the last century.   Whether you call it "self-directed education," "homeschooling," "world schooling," "unschooling," or something else, taking ownership of a child's educational process and outcomes can be a daunting task.  You are here because you are considering or have already started down the non-traditional education path.  You are here because you believe in the power of a vibrant exchange of ideas and support to transform the education landscape, and you want to be DIAL-Ed in to the community engaged in that transformation.  

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